Visiting Hours

Hand washing is the single most important factor in preventing infection, so please wash your hands when entering and leaving a patient's room.

General Wards: 11h00 – 12h00 / 15h00 – 16h00 / 19h00 – 20h00
Please note that visitors are restricted to 3 visitors per patient. Kindly note that for infection control purposes, that we discourage children from visiting.
Please make use of the our pause areas conveniently located outside each ward while waiting to visit.

ICU/High Care: Times as per general wards but strictly limited to 2 visitors per patient and no children under 12

Maternity: 11h00 – 12h00: Grandparents and baby’s siblings
15h00 – 16h00 and 19h00 – 20h00: Extended family
Dads can visit any time between 08h00 and 21h00
Baby viewing is during visiting hours or when the mother is available to show her baby

Paediatric Unit: As a general rule, no children under the age of 12 may visit

Short Stay: Only 1 visitor/carer may stay with the patient. Children under 12 are not permitted in the unit

IPOC: Visitors are welcome between 11h00 and 20h00


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