Khumbulani Shandu

Khumbulani Shandu’s life was changed forever when the lifesaving treatment he was given for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, not only took his hearing but his vision too. Khumbulani was a healthy, happy 16-year-old boy preparing to write matric in 2018 only to rapidly and permanently lose his hearing in both ears soon after starting the medication. Shortly thereafter he started to lose his vision to the point where he can now only tell if it is day or night and no more, almost completely cutting him off from his loved ones around him.

Thanks to a generous group of donor doctors in the USA, Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital, Dr Kurt Schlemmer (ENT Surgeon), Beck, Danchin and Partners Anaesthetists, Julie Cardona (audiologist) the Durban Cochlear Implant Program and together with the support of Médicine Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders South Africa) and MEDEL, Khumbulani received a cochlear implant on the 7th of May 2018 and in a few weeks’ time will have his hearing restored by this amazing medical device.

It has been a pleasure to be of assistance to this kind young man and we hope that this gift of hearing will bring a little ray of sunshine into what has been a dark and trying year for this young man that without the collaborative support of the private sector would have been trapped in a world of silence.


Photo caption from left to right: Dr Schlemmer (ENT Surgeon), Dr Redfern (Anaesthetist), Geraldine Long, Mlu Sibiya, Yda, Lenisha Rempershad & Phumi Zulu


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