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Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital is committed to nurturing an environment of health and healing through engaging relationships with patients, staff, doctors, the community, and beyond.

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital provides quality health care driven by a strong, customer-centric focus. Our newly built establishment boasts an extensive range of top medical facilities and offerings designed to meet the growing needs of our community.

From a Day Clinic to eight operating theatres, Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital provides patients with a wide array of medical facilities staffed by professional, friendly, and approachable personnel who share our vision of moving beyond health care in both service delivery and customer relations. We at Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital aim to deliver a fresh and comfortable hospital experience while adhering to International Standards of quality care.

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Integral to our philosophy of providing quality health care solutions is our dedication to our 3Cs - Customer, Care and Comfort.

Customer: Our customer-centric service philosophy means that we strive to provide our customers with quality medical care that is coupled with a dedication to service delivery excellence. Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital proposes a new lease on the existing model, a revamp in expectations, a transformation of service delivery. From check-in to checkout we believe in delivering a family-focused hospital experience that is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. This approach extends from the doorman that welcomes you, to our professional and caring medical team.

Care: Designed to complement and blend with its natural, tranquil surroundings, our facility delivers top-quality, convenient care in a modern, safe and fresh environment that emphasises both health and healing. Beyond our structure and equipment lies an attitude of excellence that radiates from management through to staff. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to clinical excellence. They are trained and nurtured to go that extra mile, to deliver that special something that makes all the difference. Think hospitality not just hospital and experience a new face of caring.

Comfort: Designed with customer comfort in mind, our unique ward configuration ranges from en suite semi-private (2, 3 or 4 beds) and private, to premier Executive Suites – apartment-style rooms that provide patients with an added level of luxury and convenience. All wards are equipped with modern electric beds, DSTV, 22” HD televisions and Wifi, allowing for optimal patient comfort and safety. The hospital’s location removed from the CBD allows both patients and visitors to experience the natural calm of nature in an environment free of noise and distractions. Integral to our philosophy of providing quality health care solutions is our dedication to our 3Cs - Customer, Care and Comfort.

Health Care:
Even More Comfort

  • Park and ride with our parking lot golf carts.
  • For ease and minimum stress utilise our pre-admission clinic.
  • Enjoy Wifi capability in our hotspots.
  • Relax with DSTV in our wards and waiting rooms.
  • Know that we pay special attention to food and food preparation.
  • Unwind in our coffee shop.
  • Get comfortable in our visitor waiting rooms.
  • Visit loved ones between 3 - 4pm and 7 - 8pm.
  • Moms can rest assured in our Paediatric department which boasts a playful farmland theme as well as a Mom’s Lodge - allowing parents a comfortable overnight place to stay when their child needs them most.
  • And remember to breathe in the natural surroundings.

The hospital’s 200-bed capacity allows staff to give patients added attention, care and comfort. These extra comforts take Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital from good to great in our quest to provide patients with a relaxing, convenient and professional medical experience.

Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital is a new, fresh, inviting environment equipped with the latest medical equipment and facilities. Skills and high-tech tools allow our staff to deliver a level of care that exceed our patients’ health needs. From our eight state-of-the-art theatres and comprehensive ICU facilities, to an impressive IT infrastructure, our staff and systems allow patients to benefit from cutting-edge technology coupled with a comfortable and inviting hospital experience.

Our Radiology Department offers a full range of services including MRI, CAT scans, mammography, bone density and general scanning.

Theatre Facilities:
Eight cutting-edge theatres make up the new Busamed Hillcrest Private Hospital Theatre Complex. Each theatre is equipped with specialised air cleaning systems and all the modern tools and equipment required to perform surgery.



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